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Entry  19 Jun 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, midas-2019-06 with cmake and c++ 
    Reply  27 Jun 2019, Stefan Ritt, Release, midas-2019-06 with cmake and c++ 
Message ID: 1564     Entry time: 19 Jun 2019     Reply to this: 1578
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Release 
Subject: midas-2019-06 with cmake and c++ 
We are happy to the midas release "midas-2019-06" with the build system implemented in cmake and the midas, mxml and mscb 
projects switched to C++.

Changes since midas-2019-03:

minor bug fixes
switch of midas build to c++ with c++ linkage (no "extern C")
switch of midas build to cmake
removal of $(OS_DIR) from the midas library and bin paths (use $MIDASSYS/lib instead of $MIDASSYS/linux/lib)
mxml and mscb are implemented as git submodules

Please review the following guide to update midas from previous release midas-2019-03 or older.

Update the code:

git checkout develop
git pull
git checkout feature/midas-2019-06
git pull
git submodule update --init # this will checkout correct versions of mxml and mscb
make clean
make cclean
rm -rf linux/bin
rm -rf linux/lib
rmdir linux
make cmake3 # or "make cmake" on ubuntu and macos
ls -l bin/odbedit bin/mlogger

Update experiment environment:

- change PATH from $MIDASSYS/linux/bin to $MIDASSYS/bin

Cleanup unneeded stuff:

- remove $HOME/packages/mxml (new location $MIDASSYS/mxml)
- remove $HOME/packages/mscb (new location $MIDASSYS/mscb)

Update experiment frontend build:

- change Makefile to remove $(OS_DIR) from library search path ($MIDASSYS/linux/lib becomes $MIDASSYS/lib)
- change Makefile to set mxml include path from $MIDASSYS/../mxml to $MIDASSYS/mxml (to avoid including the wrong 
version of mxml/strlcpy.h)
- update frontend code to use mfe.h and build as C++, see

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