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Entry  28 Jun 2019, Thorsten Lux, Bug Report, Status page reloads every second 
    Reply  28 Jun 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, Status page reloads every second 
       Reply  29 Jun 2019, Thorsten Lux, Bug Report, Status page reloads every second 
Message ID: 1583     Entry time: 29 Jun 2019     In reply to: 1582
Author: Thorsten Lux 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Status page reloads every second 
I am sorry, yesterday evening I must have been a bit tired after a long day with a lot of 
problems and error messages, so that I did not realize that yes, the frontend was finally 
starting well again but by recovering the odb file from an old one, it was stuck in the 
transition "stopping run" and this caused the continuous reloading of the status page. 

A "obdedit -C stop" solved the problem. 

Sorry for this! 

 > We observed a strange behavior, from our point of view:
> > ... the Midas status page started to reload/refresh every second
> What version of midas is this? Run the odbedit "ver" command please. Also which
> browser on what OS is this? (chrome->about google chrome, firefox->about firefox).
> The current versions of midas do not reload the status page ever, and I think
> all the page-reload code has been removed and they cannot reload automatically.
> Old versions of the midas status page were designed to reload every 60 seconds or so.
> The reload interval is adjustable, but I do not think it was stored in ODB. It was
> accessed from the status page "config" button and I think it stored the reload
> period is a browser cookie.
> This reload value may have gotten confused, and in this case, to fix it,
> you can try to clear all the web cookies from the web page. Another test for this
> would be to try an alternate web browser, which would presumable not have the bad cookie
> and will not suffer from the reload problem.
> You can also open the web page debugger (google chrome -> right click menu -> inspect ->> 
> console & etc) and see if anything shows up there. I think you can set a break point
> on the page reload function and catch the place that causes the reload.
> K.O.
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