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Entry  21 May 2019, Thomas Lindner, Forum, MIDAS Workshop on Aug 7 
    Reply  03 Jul 2019, Thomas Lindner, Forum, MIDAS Workshop on Aug 7 
       Reply  06 Aug 2019, Thomas Lindner, Forum, MIDAS Workshop on Aug 7 
Message ID: 1588     Entry time: 03 Jul 2019     In reply to: 1529     Reply to this: 1641
Author: Thomas Lindner 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: MIDAS Workshop on Aug 7 
Dear MIDAS users,

Here's further information on the third MIDAS workshop:

1) Workshop will take place from 1PM-5PM (Vancouver time) on Aug 7.

2) A mostly finalized agenda for the workshop is posted here:

People are still welcome to email me if they want to present something.  We should be able to add it to the schedule.

3) For those who want to participate remotely, we will be using bluejeans.  The webpage for the bluejeans meeting is here:

4) For those at TRIUMF I will confirm the meeting room closer to the date.


> Dear MIDAS users,
> We would like to announce a third MIDAS workshop at TRIUMF on Aug 7, 2019.
> Stefan Ritt will again be visiting TRIUMF at this time.
> The overall goal of the workshop is to present new features in MIDAS, to discuss
> future changes and to hear experiences from different experiments.
> We expect that some participants will connect remotely to the workshop; we will
> setup a video-conferencing option.  The exact time of the workshop will be
> decided later and will be optimized based on the geographic distribution of
> remote attendees. So please let us know if you want to attend remotely.  We are
> also happy for people to come in person to TRIUMF.  
> A (very) preliminary agenda includes
> - New default mhttpd pages and new APIs for custom pages
> - Conversion of MIDAS to C++
> - new C++ based frontend framework (tmfe and mvodb from ALPHA-g)
> - MySQL/Postgres database for storing ODB configurations
> - Plans for updating history plotting
> - Using MIDAS with an online trigger farm
> - new C++ multithreaded flow analyzer (manalyzer from ALPHA-g)
> But please suggest other topics; we also hope to hear reports from particular
> experiments.
> Sincerely,
> Thomas (on behalf of MIDAS developers)
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