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Message ID: 1647     Entry time: 07 Aug 2019
Author: Pintaudi Giorgio 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: ROOT and multi-threading 
I am creating this thread to comment on an issue raised today during the MIDAS 

It was said that ROOT doesn't play well with multithreading ... and it is 
definitely true. But since last year, many improvements have been done in ROOT 
multi-threading support and now even the ROOT fitter can be made thread-safe.

I know this because recently I had to completely rewrite the calibration 
software for the WAGASCI experiment and I wanted to use many ROOT analyzers in 

Getting ROOT to work in a multi-thread environment is not painless. It took me 
many weeks to get to the end of it. But if using the latest ROOT version (from 
about ROOT 6.12.00 onwards), it should be possible. Basically, you have to 
compile ROOT with the Minuit2 minimizer support and then select it.

This is the thread on the ROOT forum where I have asked about and solved my 
issues (I am LastStarDust):

You can also refer to this bug report:
and this documentation page:

Hope it may help.
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