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Entry  08 Sep 2019, Vinzenz Bildstein, Bug Report, https redirect and ODB access 
    Reply  16 Sep 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, https redirect and ODB access 
Message ID: 1680     Entry time: 08 Sep 2019     Reply to this: 1686
Author: Vinzenz Bildstein 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: https redirect and ODB access 
I'm not sure if these issues are related or not, but I'm getting an error
message when I want to access the root of the ODB via the webserver:
[mhttpd,ERROR] [mhttpd.cxx:563:rread,ERROR] Cannot read file '/root', read of
4096 returned -1, errno 21 (Is a directory)

I also tried turning the re-direct from http to https off, but this does not
seem to work. I also noticed that the redirect changes the localhost into a
hostname. Where does mongoose take this hostname from?

EDIT: Seems that the change of the hostname is due to a setting in /etc/hosts,
i.e. all my fault ...

EDIT: I think there was some issue with the mhttpd. When I checked the output (I
used screen to run it), it was full of these messages:

ss_semaphore_wait_for: semop/semtimedop(2588679) returned -1, errno 43
(Identifier removed)
al_check: Something is wrong with our semaphore, ss_semaphore_wait_for()
returned 408, aborting.
al_check: Cannot abort - this will lock you out of odb. From this point, MIDAS
will not work correctly. Please read the discussion at

Restarted it and it stopped redirecting. So accessing the root of the ODB via
the webserver is the only issue now.
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