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Message ID: 171     Entry time: 02 Nov 2004
Author: Renee Poutissou 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Event Builder info in mhttpd Status page 
Information about the Event Builder statistics has been removed from the 
Status page in mhttpd.  I heard from Pierre that this information might 
be redundant when using the new Event Builder format??? 
For the TWIST experiment, we are running and cannot change on the fly
to a new format Event Builder.  It is very important for us to show the users
the rates and statistics coming out of the EventBuilder.  I had  to put this
piece of code back in mhttpd.  
Can I put it back in the distribution? or do I have to put a special TWIST flag? 
or do I have to keep reinserting this every time there is an update to mhttpd.c? 
At the moment, TWIST is generating a couple of updates/week to mhttpd.c
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