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Entry  17 Sep 2019, Richard Longland, Forum, mhttpd start and stop redirect to Transition page 
    Reply  27 Sep 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, mhttpd start and stop redirect to Transition page 
Message ID: 1711     Entry time: 27 Sep 2019     In reply to: 1697
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: mhttpd start and stop redirect to Transition page 
> I recently upgraded to MIDAS version midas-2019-06-b. I had to make a few changes 
> to get our custom page running again, but am a little confused on starting and 
> stopping runs.

So far so good.

> When I click on my "Start" button, it now redirects to a 
> Transition page rather than reloading the status page.

Are you sure? The "start" button redirects to the "start" page (start.html) which redirects
to the "transition" page (transition.html), which does not redirect anywhere so you can see
the result of the transition.

> Could someone explain the reasoning for the current behavior?

It's been like this for years now. Stefan suggest that we implement the "start" page
and the "transition" page as overlays on top of the status page, but it did not happen yet.

> Furthermore my "Stop" button is now broken with the following error:
> Error: Invalid URL "CS/EngeRun&" or query "cmd=Stop&redir=EngeRun%26" or command  "Stop"

I grep for "EngeRun" and I do not see it anywhere in the midas sources. Can you grep for it
to see if it is coming from one of your pages?

If you want to start/stop runs from your custom page, look at start.html and transition.html - you will
need to make the run transition RPC calls (cut-and-paste the code to your page) and (obviously)
you will not have any redirects to some strange pages.

> For example, start calls:
> = "cmd=Transition";
> whereas stop does:
> mhttpd_goto_page("Transition"); // DOES NOT RETURN

It's the same thing, look at mhttpd_goto_page().

> Can anyone offer any insights or advice? I can change the former to "cmd=Status", but 
> the latter doesn't allow it.

I am not sure what you are trying to do. If you need the "start" button on the status page
to do something different from what it does now, just hack status.html until it does so.
If you need some specific help with that, I am happy to help. I think I answered all questions
you asked so far.

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