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Entry  18 Oct 2019, Joseph McKenna, Info, sysmon: New system monitor and performance logging frontend added to MIDAS sysmon-gpu.png
    Reply  03 Dec 2019, Joseph McKenna, Info, mfe.c: MIDAS frontend's 'Equipment name' can embed hostname, determined at run-time 
Message ID: 1727     Entry time: 18 Oct 2019     Reply to this: 1746
Author: Joseph McKenna 
Topic: Info 
Subject: sysmon: New system monitor and performance logging frontend added to MIDAS 

I have written a system monitor tool for MIDAS, that has been merged in the develop branch today: sysmon

To use it, simply run the new program
on any host that you want to monitor, no configuring required.

The program is a frontend for MIDAS, there is no need for configuration, as upon initialisation it builds a history display for you. Simply run one instance per machine you want to monitor. By default, it only logs once per 10 seconds.

The equipment name is derived from the hostname, so multiple instances can be run across multiple machines without conflict. A new history display will be created for each host.

sysmon uses the /proc pseudo-filesystem, so unfortunately only linux is supported. It does however work with multiple architectures, so x86 and ARM processors are supported.

If the build machine has NVIDIA drivers installed, there is an additional version of sysmon that gets built: sysmon-nvidia. This will log the GPU temperature and usage, as well as CPU, memory and swap. A host should only run either sysmon or sysmon-nvidia

elog:1727/1 shows the History Display generated by sysmon-nvidia. sysmon would only generate the first two displays (sysmon/localhost and sysmon/localhost-CPU)
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