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Entry  21 Oct 2019, Vinzenz Bildstein, Forum, Data for key truncated 
    Reply  23 Oct 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, Data for key truncated 
Message ID: 1728     Entry time: 21 Oct 2019     Reply to this: 1729
Author: Vinzenz Bildstein 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Data for key truncated 
I keep on getting messages like this:

16:25:35 [fecaen,ERROR] [odb.c:4567:db_get_data,ERROR] data for key
"/DAQ/params/VX1730/custom/Board 0/Channel 0/Input range" truncated

whenever I start my frontend. Input range is defined to be a BOOL and using
odbedit to read it shows:

Key name                        Type    #Val  Size  Last Opn Mode Value
Input range                     BOOL    1     4     75h  0   RWD  y

without any error message. The entry is read using

         size = sizeof(fInputRange);
         db_get_data(hDb, hSubKey, &fInputRange, &size, TID_BOOL);

where fInputRange is a bool.

Where does this message come from and how can I resolve this?
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