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Message ID: 175     Entry time: 24 Nov 2004
Author: chris pearson 
Topic: Info 
Subject: midas on 64bit opteron 
   Midas, version 1.9.5 of 7th October, was installed, with a few changes, on a
64 bit opteron computer, running linux.  For this processor, as for the alpha
processor, long integers and addresses are 64 bits.  We added a new flag in the

> ARCH   = $(shell uname -m)
> ifeq ($(ARCH),x86_64)
> OSFLAGS := $(OSFLAGS) -DX86_64
> endif

and extended the alpha-specific definitions, of DWORD and PTYPE, in midas.h to
include this case,

< #ifdef __alpha
> #if defined(__alpha) || defined(X86_64)
< #ifdef __alpha
> #if defined(__alpha) || defined(X86_64)

apart from this, there are a large number of cases where pointers are cast to
integers, without using the PTYPE definition.  These all need to be changed by
hand, although these conversions should probably be removed anyway - in almost
all cases they are unnecessary, as just differences are being calculated.

There were also a number of warnings, which we ignored, where printf format
strings specified long integers, but the argument was not a long integer.  Casts
should probably be added in all cases where the type of the argument can vary
depending on the machine.

A midas analyser was made, which was able to successfully replay some data, but
this was all that was tested.

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