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Entry  10 Feb 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Suggestion, switch midas to c++ threads? 
    Reply  11 Feb 2020, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, switch midas to c++ threads? 
    Reply  11 Feb 2020, Berta Beltran, Suggestion, switch midas to c++ threads? 
Message ID: 1819     Entry time: 11 Feb 2020     In reply to: 1815
Author: Berta Beltran 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: switch midas to c++ threads? 
> Hi, Stefan & co - now that midas is c++11 and c++11 comes with a threads library, should we 
> switch midas to use the c++11 threads instead of pthreads? (Of course on Linux c++11 
> threads are a layer on top of pthreads, the best I know).
> This should remove the dependency on pthreads.h and use a more native implementation of 
> threads on MacOS and Windows. (again, the best I can tell).
> Of course this depends on c++11 threads having all the functions we need. Specifically, "lock 
> with timeout" is useful to deal with "gah! everything stopped! what do I do!", a problem 
> bedeviling midas in the early days (and still happens today!). Current midas kills everything 
> after 5 minutes of deadlock - then the user knows how to restart everything and the developer 
> has core dumps to look at. (to see which program/thread holds the lock and would not give it 
> up).
> Any thoughts on this?
> K.O.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I have seen this post and maybe that is the solution to the pthreads compiler problem in OS 10.15, but 
of course I am a total amateur in here. Thanks for thinking about this and I will wait and hold to see what gets decided. Thanks

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