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Entry  06 Mar 2020, Lars Martin, Forum, RPC error 
    Reply  08 Mar 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, RPC error 
Message ID: 1850     Entry time: 08 Mar 2020     In reply to: 1849
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: RPC error 
I do not see this error, but there was one more report (they did not clearly say what http errors 
they see)

To debug this, I need to know: what version of MIDAS, what version of what web browser, what 
computer is mhttpd running on? (so I can go look at the log files).

Also can you say more when you see these errors? Every time from every midas web page, or only 
some pages or only when you do something specific (push some button, etc?).

> I ported a bunch of frontends to C++ and now I'm occasionally getting this RPC 
> error message:
> http error: readyState: 4, HTTP status: 502 (Proxy Error), batch request: method: 
> "db_get_values", params: [object Object], id: 1583456958869 method: "get_alarms", 
> params: null, id: 1583456958869 method: "cm_msg_retrieve", params: [object 
> Object], id: 1583456958869 method: "cm_msg_retrieve", params: [object Object], 
> id: 1583456958869
> I'm assuming I'm doing wrong something somewhere, but does this message contain 
> information where to look? Does the ID mean something?

It is unlikely that this error has anything to do with the frontends: usually web page interaction 
goes through: web browser - network - apache httpd - localhost - mhttpd - midas odb.

http error 502 is very generic, does not tell us much about what happened, there may be more 
information in the httpd log files.

the json-rpc request "id" is generated by midas code in the web browser and it currently is a 
timestamp. it is not used for anything. but it is required by the json-rpc standard.


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