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Entry  16 Mar 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, mhttpd mongoose 6.16 update 
    Reply  16 Mar 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, mhttpd mongoose 6.16 update 
       Reply  16 Mar 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, mhttpd mongoose 6.16 update 
          Reply  17 Mar 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, mbedtls, mhttpd mongoose 6.16 update 
             Reply  30 Mar 2020, Stefan Ritt, Info, mbedtls, mhttpd mongoose 6.16 update 
Message ID: 1855     Entry time: 16 Mar 2020     Reply to this: 1856
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: mhttpd mongoose 6.16 update 
the update of mhttpd to mongoose version 6.16 was committed to the develop branch of midas. If you do not want to use this 
updated code or if it causes problems, please use the mhttpd6 executable or midas from the midas-2020-03 release branch.

new features:

- IPv6 support
- built-in http proxy
- fine grain locking - serving "resource" files (html, css, etc) and serving json-rpc requests no longer takes the global lock
- reduced number of DNS queries when checking host list access (DNS replies are cached)
- (I decided to not implement caching of password requests and dynamic reload of password file - it is too hard).

internal changes:

Recent versions of the mongoose web server library have removed all their internal multithreading,
leaving the library fully single-threaded. This resulted in major simplification of many things. An improvement.
(the civetweb fork of mongoose retains the old multithreading code, that model seems to work better
which used inside ROOT). As implemented in mhttpd, all network connections are handled by the main thread,
all midas http requests are handled by worker threads that are started on the as-needed basis.

The old mongoose 6.4 based mhttpd code survived almost without changes - as a compile-time
option - so now I build 2 mhttpd executables: mhttpd with the new code and mhttpd6 with the old code
so people have something to run in case the new code bombs.

http proxy:

Experiments that use private networks usually configure the apache httpd as a web proxy to allow
access from the outside to the web-controlled devices on the private network. Making changes
to this proxy requires root access, requires restarting httpd, etc. To make things simpler, mhttpd now
includes a web proxy (almost the complete implementation is provided by the mongoose library). Configuration
is done from ODB, restarting mhttpd is not needed.

improved multithreading:

Since most of the MIDAS library is now thread-safe, mhttpd no longer needs to take the "big midas lock"
to service most web requests. Access to files, access to ODB, etc is now fully threaded. Some parts
of MIDAS are not thread-safe, i.e. access to history and log files, so a flag was added to the mjsonrpc library
to mark which RPC methods are not thread-safe.

Note that despite these improvements, mhttpd still suffers from "http head-of-queue blocking"
because (i.e. the google chrome web browser) tends to use just 1 TCP connection for all JSONRPC requests,
after a request for a history read (can take a long time), all subsequent requests for web page updates, etc
will have to wait until it completes, causing unresponsive user experience. (it looks as if mhttpd is single-threaded!).

A solution for this problem is HTTP/2, which is not yet implemented by mongoose and is not quite yet available
for apache httpd.

More later...
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