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Entry  16 Dec 2004, Jan Wouters, Forum, cm_msg 
    Reply  22 Dec 2004, Stefan Ritt, Forum, cm_msg 
Message ID: 188     Entry time: 22 Dec 2004     In reply to: 187
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: cm_msg 
> Could someone please explain to me how cm_msg, cm_msg1, etc. all work.  The
> documentation is very terse.  
> I want to setup a fairly significant set of debugging, and error messages for a
> new frontend.  I need to get these messages to a logging file.  I also would
> like to get the error messages to the user through whatever interface Midas
> normally uses for error reporting.  

For errors, use

  cm_msg(MERROR, "routine_name", "Your error message, code=%d", i);

This produces an error message which is logged to midas.log, and distributed to all
clients which have called cm_msg_register(). For example odbedit will just print
that message. The syntax of the second half of cm_msg is the same as for printf(),
so you can add format specifiers and variable arguments as you do for printf(). The
first argument is the message type (MDEBUG for example is only distributed but not

For a more detailed list of message types, please refer to
ELOG V3.1.4-2e1708b5