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Entry  03 Apr 2020, Francesco Renga, Info, CLOCK_REALTIME on MacOS 
    Reply  03 Apr 2020, Stefan Ritt, Info, CLOCK_REALTIME on MacOS 
       Reply  25 Apr 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, CLOCK_REALTIME on MacOS 
          Reply  26 Apr 2020, Stefan Ritt, Info, CLOCK_REALTIME on MacOS 
Message ID: 1890     Entry time: 26 Apr 2020     In reply to: 1886
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
> > > /Users/francesco/MIDAS/midas/src/system.cxx:3187:18: error: use of undeclared identifier 
> > >    clock_settime(CLOCK_REALTIME, &ltm);
> > > 
> > > Is it related to my (old) version of MacOS? Can I fix it somehow?
> I think the "set clock" function is a holdover from embedded operating systems
> that did not keep track of clock time, i.e. VxWorks, and similar. Here a midas program
> will get the time from the mserver and set it on the local system. Poor man's ntp,
> poor man's ntpd/chronyd.
> We should check if this function is called by anything, and if nothing calls it, maybe remove it?
> K.O.

It's called in mfe.cxx via cm_synchronize:

/* set time from server */

This was for old VxWorks systems which had no ntp/crond. Was asked for by Pierre long time ago. I don't use it 
(have no VxWorks). We can either remove it completely, or remove just the MacOSX part and just exit the program 
if called with an error message "not implemented on this OS".

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