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Entry  16 Mar 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, midas-2020-03-a 
    Reply  22 May 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, midas-2020-03-a 
Message ID: 1917     Entry time: 22 May 2020     In reply to: 1854
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Release 
Subject: midas-2020-03-a 
> midas-2020-03-a is here.
> checkout the top of branch release/midas-2020-03 (recommended) or
> checkout the tag midas-2020-03-a.

Since the release of midas-2020-03, we are in a cycle of rapid development of midas,
with many changes made daily.

For production use, unless you rely on latest changes and/or bug fixes, please use the midas-2020-03 release branch.

Some of the recent changes broke compatibility with ROOTANA.

The current ROOTANA release 2020-03 is meant to work with and is compatible with midas-2020-03. Going forward
we will try to keep releases of midas and rootana in "lock step".

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