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Entry  15 Jun 2020, Martin Mueller, Bug Report, deprecated function stime() 
    Reply  15 Jun 2020, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, deprecated function stime() 
Message ID: 1948     Entry time: 15 Jun 2020     Reply to this: 1949
Author: Martin Mueller 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: deprecated function stime() 

I had a problem with the compilation of midas after an OS update to the recent version of OpenSuse tumbleweed. The function stime() in system.cxx:3196 is no longer available. 

In the documentation it is also marked as deprecated with the suggestion to use clock_settime instead:

replacing system.cxx:3196 with the clock_settime - method in system.cxx:3200 - 3204 also for OS_UNIX seems to solve the problem, but i'm not sure if this will cause problems on older OS's.

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