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Message ID: 1955     Entry time: 19 Jun 2020
Author: Isaac Labrie-Boulay 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Building/running a Frontend Task 
To build a frontend task, the user code and system code are compiled and linked 
together with the required libraries, by running a Makefile (e.g. 
../midas/examples/experiment/Makefile in the MIDAS package).

I tried building the CAMAC example frontend and I get this error:

g++: error: /home/rcmp/packages/midas/drivers/camac/ces8210.c: No such file or 
g++: error: /home/rcmp/packages/midas/linux/lib/libmidas.a: No such file or 
make: *** [camac_init.exe] Error 1

Obviously, I'm running the "make all" command from the camac directory. Why 
would I get this "no such file" error? Do I need to download the MIDAS packages 
inside my experiment directory?

Thanks for helping me out.

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