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Message ID: 1965     Entry time: 07 Aug 2020
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: update of MYSQL history documentation 
I updated the documentation for setting up a MYSQL (MariaDB) database for 
recording MIDAS history:

One thing to note: the "writer" user must have the "INDEX" permission, otherwise 
many things will not work correctly.

Included are the instructions for importing exiting *.hst history files into the 
SQL database: mh2sql --mysql mysql_writer.txt *.hst

Let me know if there is interest in adding support for writing into Postgres SQL 
database. We used to support both MySQL and Postgres through the ODBC library, 
but in the new code, each database has to be supported through it's native API. 
There is code for SQLITE, MYSQL, but no code for Postgres, although it is not too 
hard to add.

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