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Message ID: 1987     Entry time: 24 Aug 2020
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Release 
Subject: midas-2020-12 
midas-2020-12-a is here.

new features and notable updates since midas-2020-03:

- new C++ ODB interface odbxx.h
- image history
- much improved history plots
- new sequencer pages
- UTF-8 clean ODB (complains if any TID_STRING is invalid UTF-8)
- mhttpd update to mongoose 6.16 with much improved mulththreading
- mhttpd update to use MBEDTLS in preference to problematic OpenSSL
- MidasConfig.cmake contributed by Mathieu Guigue

plans for next development: major update of mlogger to simplify channel 
configuration in odb, improvements to mhttpd multithreading, new history plot 
configuration page, more c++ification.

To obtain this release, either checkout the top of branch release/midas-2020-08 
(recommended) or checkout the tag midas-2020-08-a.

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