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Message ID: 2045     Entry time: 30 Nov 2020
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: more wisdom from linux kernel people 
As you may know, I am a big fan of two software projects - the linux kernel and ROOT. The linux kernel is one of 
the few software projects "done right". ROOT is where normal people try to "get it right" with real-world level 
of success. I use both softwares daily and I try to apply their ways and methods to MIDAS as much as I can.

So just in time for our discussion of array indexes, a talk by gregkh shows
up on slashdot. The title is "how to keep your users happy". (Nobody
ever wants to be nasty to their users, but do read his talk).

The talk refers to some older stuff, still relevant, of course, in case you miss the links
in the pdf file, here they are: (click on "continue" to see next page)

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