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Entry  18 Dec 2020, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, Code formatting .clang-formatcnaf_callback_llvm.cxxcnaf_callback_root.cxxcnaf_callback_gnu.cxxcnaf_callback_google.cxx
    Reply  04 Jan 2021, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, Code formatting .clang-format
Message ID: 2062     Entry time: 18 Dec 2020     Reply to this: 2063
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: Code formatting 
May I ask for your quick opinion on code formatting. MIDAS had a coding style 
which pretty much followed the ROOT coding style described at

so we followed the "3 spaces indent" convention, braces according to Kernigham & 
Ritchie and a few other things. I see however that code written by different 
people still is formatted differently, like spaces before and after comparators 
etc. I wonder if it would make sense to keep a consistent code formatting through 
the whole midas repository.

Looking again at what the ROOT guys doe (see link above), they have a ClangFormat 
file, which I attached to this post. Putting this file into the root of midas 
ensures that all files are formatted in exactly the same way, which would increase 
readability largely.

The nice thing with ClangFormat is that can be integrated into my editor (Clion) as 
well as in emacs and vim:

This would also make the emacs settings in our files obsolete:

/* emacs
 * Local Variables:
 * tab-width: 8
 * c-basic-offset: 3
 * indent-tabs-mode: nil
 * End:

I don't like these because they are only for people using emacs. If everybody would 
put statements into the files with their favourite editor, all our source files 
would be cluttered quite a bit.

So the question is now how style to use? I attached different trials with a simple 
file from the distribution, so you can see the differences. They use the style from

- Google

I consciously skipped the "Microsoft" style ;-)

Which one should we settle on? Any opinion? If I don't hear anything, I will pick a 
style at the end of this year 2020. I have a slight favour of the ROOT style, although 
I don't like that the "case" is not indented there under the opening brace of the 
switch statement which seems inconsistent to me. The only one doing that right is the 
Google format, but that one has an indentation of 2 chars instead our usual 3 chars. 
At the end of the day I think it's not so important on which style we agree, as long 
as we DO have a common style for all midas files.

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