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Message ID: 2078     Entry time: 21 Jan 2021
Author: Thomas Lindner 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Using external ELOG with newer mhttpd 
A warning, in case others have the same problem I had.

In the past you could configure mhttpd so that the 'Elog' button would redirect to an external ELOG server; to do this you only needed to create and set the ODB variable '/Elog/URL' to the URL of your external ELOG server.

But with the newer MIDAS you need to set two ODB variables:

* "/Elog/URL" needs to be set to the URL of the external ELOG.
* "/Elog/External Elog" needs to be set to 'y'

I hadn't noticed this and was confused why my Elog button wasn't working after upgrading MIDAS.

MIDAS documentation was updated to reflect this change:
ELOG V3.1.4-2e1708b5