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Message ID: 2089     Entry time: 10 Feb 2021
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Release 
Subject: midas-2020-12-a 
midas-2020-12-a is here, see

notable change from previous midas releases:

Use of ODB "Common" by mfe.c frontends has changed. New preferred behaviour
is to have the values defined in the equipment structure in the source code
to always overwrite values in ODB /Equipment/Foo/Common, except for the value
of "Common/enabled" (equipment_common_overwrite set to TRUE).

All mfe.c frontends will need to be modified for this change:

- for old behaviour (use ODB "Common"), add: BOOL equipment_common_overwrite = false;
- for new behaviour (use equipment values in the source code), add: BOOL equipment_common_overwrite = true;

The TMFE C++ frontend does not implement this change yet, it uses all "Common" values from ODB
and there is no way to overwrite things like the MIDAS event buffer name from C++ code. This may
change with the next version.

notable updates since midas-2020-08:

- new ODB variable /Experiment/Enable sound can be used to globally prevent mhttpd from playing sounds.
- Lazylogger now supports writing data over SFTP.
- odbvalue elements on custom pages now support an onload() callback as well as onchange(). Most elements now also 
support a data-validate callback.
- custom pages can now tie a select drop-down box to an ODB value using modbselect.
- ability to choose whether the code or the current ODB values take precendence for the "Common" settings of an 
equipment when starting a frontend. See elog thread 2014 for more details, and the "Upgrade guide" below for 
- minor improvements to mdump program - support for 64-bit data types and ability to load larger events if needed.
- minor improvements to History plots and Buffers webpage.
- bug fixes

plans for next development: major update of mlogger to simplify channel 
configuration in odb, improvements to mhttpd multithreading, new history plot 
configuration page, more c++ification.

To obtain this release, either checkout the top of branch release/midas-2020-12 
(recommended) or checkout the tag midas-2020-12-a.

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