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Message ID: 2091     Entry time: 12 Feb 2021
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: mlogger history snafu 
there is a problem with mlogger between commits xxx (17 Nov 2020) and a762bb8 (12 feb 2021). because of 
confusion between seconds and milliseconds, FILE (mhf*.dat files) and SQL history are recording with 
incorrect timestamps.

- traditional MIDAS history (*.hst files) does not have this problem (because of a buglet)
- midas-2020-12 release does not have this problem (it has mlogger from midas-2020-08 release)

there are some additional changes in mlogger that we are sorting out, when ready, we will make a new 
release of midas.

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