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Entry  24 Feb 2021, Zaher Salman, Bug Report, history reload 
    Reply  25 Feb 2021, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, history reload 
Message ID: 2096     Entry time: 24 Feb 2021     Reply to this: 2097
Author: Zaher Salman 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: history reload 
I have a history that is embedded in a custom page using

<div class="mjshistory" data-group="SampleCryo" data-panel="SampleTemp" data-scale="30m" style="'+size+' position: relative;left: 640px;top: -205px;"></div>

this works fine when I load the page but seems to cause a timeout when reloading (F5) the page. It used to work fine last year but since a midas update this year it does not work. 

When I manually stop the script when firefox reports that it is slowing down the browse I get the following in the console:

Script terminated by timeout at:

any ideas what may be causing this?


Another hint to the problem, the custom page is accessible via
once loaded the address changes to where A and B change values as time passes (I guess B-A=30m).
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