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Message ID: 212     Entry time: 02 Aug 2005
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: fix odb corruption when running analzer for the first time 
I have been plagued by ODB corruption when I run the analyzer for the first time
after setting up the new experiment. Some time ago, I traced this to
mana.c::book_ttree() and now I found and fixed the bug, fix now commited to
midas cvs. In book_ttree(), db_find("/Analyzer/Bank switches") was returning an
error and setting hkey to zero. Then we called db_open_record() with hkey==0,
which cased ODB corruption later on. The normal db_validate_hkey() did not catch
this because it considers hkey==0 to be valid (when most likely it is not). K.O.
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