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Message ID: 2160     Entry time: 06 May 2021
Author: Ben Smith 
Topic: Info 
Subject: New feature in odbxx that works like db_check_record() 
For those unfamiliar, odbxx is the interface that looks like a C++ map, but automatically syncs with the ODB -

I've added a new feature that is similar to the existing odb::connect() function, but works like the old db_check_record(). The new odb::connect_and_fix_structure() function:
- keeps the existing value of any keys that are in both the ODB and your code
- creates any keys that are in your code but not yet in the ODB
- deletes any keys that are in the ODB but not your code
- updates the order of keys in the ODB to match your code

This will hopefully make it easier to automate ODB structure changes when you add/remove keys from a frontend.

The new feature is currently in the develop branch, and should be included in the next release.
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