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Entry  18 Jun 2021, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, my html modbvalue thing is not working? 
    Reply  25 Jun 2021, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, my html modbvalue thing is not working? 
Message ID: 2221     Entry time: 18 Jun 2021     Reply to this: 2232
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: my html modbvalue thing is not working? 
I have a web page and I try to use modbvalue, but nothing happens. The best I can tell, I follow the documentation 

<td id=setv0><div class="modbvalue" data-odb-path="/Equipment/CAEN_hvps01/Settings/VSET[0]" data-odb-editable="1">(ch0)</div></td>

I suppose I could add debug logging to the javascript framework for modbvalue to find out why it is not seeing
or how it is not liking my web page.

But how would a non-expert user (or an expert user in a hurry) would debug this?

Should the modbvalue framework log more error messages to the javascrpt console ("I am ignoring your modbvalue entry because...")?

Should it have a debug mode where it reports to the javascript console all the tags it scanned, all the tags it found, etc
to give me some clue why it does not find my modbvalue tag?

Right now I am not even sure if this framework is activated, perhaps I did something wrong in how I load the page
and the modbvalue framework is not loaded. The documentation gives some magic incantations but does not explain
where and how this framework is loaded and activated. (But I do not see any differences between my page and
the example in the documentation. Except that I do not load control.js, I do not need all the thermometer bars, etc.
If I do load it, still my modbvalue does not work).

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