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Entry  17 Jun 2021, Joseph McKenna, Info, Add support for rtsp camera streams in mlogger (history_image.cxx) unnamed.png
    Reply  18 Jun 2021, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, Add support for rtsp camera streams in mlogger (history_image.cxx) 
Message ID: 2224     Entry time: 18 Jun 2021     In reply to: 2220
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Add support for rtsp camera streams in mlogger (history_image.cxx) 
> mlogger (history_image) now supports rtsp cameras

my goodness, we will drive the video surveillance industry out of business.

> My suggestion / request would be to move the camera management out of 
> mlogger and into a new program (mcamera?), so that users can choose to off 
> load the CPU load to another system (I understand the OpenCV will use GPU 
> decoders if available also, which can also lighten the CPU load).

every 2 years I itch to separate mlogger into two parts - data logger
and history logger.

but then I remember that the "I" in MIDAS stands for "integrated",
and "M" stands for "maximum" and I say, "nah..."

(I guess we are not maximum integrated enough to have mhttpd, mserver
and mlogger to be one monolithic executable).

There is also a line of thinking that mlogger should remain single-threaded
for maximum reliability and ease of debugging. So if we keep adding multithreaded
stuff to it, perhaps it should be split-apart after all. (anything that makes
the size of mlogger.cxx smaller is a good thing, imo).

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