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Message ID: 224     Entry time: 19 Sep 2005
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Added driver for the Wiener CC-USB CAMAC interface 
Commited to CVS is the preliminary driver for the Wiener CC-USB CAMAC interface.
The driver implements all the mcstd.h camac access functions, except for those
not supported by hardware (8-bit operations, interrupts) and a few esoteric
functions not implemented in any other camac driver. The driver uses the
musbstd.h library to access USB, also commited in preliminary form.

Affected files:
midas/Makefile (added musbstd.c to libmidas.{a,so})
include/musbstd.h, src/musbstd.c (preliminary USB access library)

Most of the CAMAC access functions have been tested (see comments in ccusb.c).
If you find errors and problems, please email me ( or write
an elog reply to this elog message.

Missing is the documentation and finalization of USB access library.
Missing is conformity to some MIDAS coding conventions.

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