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Message ID: 225     Entry time: 03 Oct 2005
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Revised MVMESTD API 
Dear MIDAS users and developers,

The "Midas VME Standard API" has been revised. We tried to incorporate all
comments and ideas we got so far. The mvme_ioctl() function was abandoned in
favor of several mvme_get/set_xxx functions. Furthermore, two additional
functions for read and write have been implemented to simplify writing/reading
single values to VME. The current API looks like this:

int mvme_open(MVME_INTERFACE **vme, int index);
int mvme_close(MVME_INTERFACE *vme);
int mvme_sysreset(MVME_INTERFACE *vme);
int mvme_read(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, void *dst, mvme_addr_t vme_addr,
              mvme_size_t n_bytes);
DWORD mvme_read_value(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, mvme_addr_t vme_addr);
int mvme_write(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, mvme_addr_t vme_addr, void *src,
               mvme_size_t n_bytes);
int mvme_write_value(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, mvme_addr_t vme_addr, DWORD value);
int mvme_set_am(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, int am);
int mvme_get_am(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, int *am);
int mvme_set_dmode(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, int dmode);
int mvme_get_dmode(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, int *dmode);
int mvme_set_blt(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, int mode);
int mvme_get_blt(MVME_INTERFACE *vme, int *mode);

The MVME_INTERFACE structure holds all internal data, similar to the FILE
structure in stdio.h. If several VME interfaces (of the same type) are present
in a PC, the function mvme_open can be called once for each crate, specifying
the index. The block transfer modes passed to mvme_set_blt control the usage of
DMA, MBLT64 and so on. Not all interfaces might support all modes, in which case
mvme_set_blt should return MVME_UNSUPPORTED. Then it's up to the user code to
ignore this error or choose a different mode.

So far we have implemented drivers for the SIS3100, SBS617/SBS618 and VMIC
interfaces using this standard. It should be noted that the VMIC uses solely
memory mapped VME I/O, which is completely hidden in the VMIC MVMESTD driver.

We would like to encourage people to switch to the revised MVMESTD API wherever
possible. If new drivers for ADCs and TDCs for example are written using this
standard, groups with different VME interfaces can use them without modification.

Although the standard works now for three different interfaces, it might be that
new interfaces need slight additions. They should be identified as soon as
possible, in order to adapt the MVMESTD quickly and freeze the API soon.

Interrupts are not (yet) implemented in the MVMESTD, because most experiments
use polling anyhow. If there is a need for interrupts by someone, he should come
up quickly with this and make a proposal for implementation.
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