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Entry  08 Jul 2021, Francesco Renga, Forum, Problem with python file reader 
    Reply  09 Jul 2021, Ben Smith, Forum, Problem with python file reader 
Message ID: 2254     Entry time: 08 Jul 2021     Reply to this: 2255
Author: Francesco Renga 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Problem with python file reader 
Dear experts,
       while trying to readout a MIDAS file from a python script. I get the error below at the very first event. Any hint?

Thank you very much,

  File "/home/cygno/DAQ/offline/", line 9, in <module>
    for event in mfile:
  File "/home/cygno/DAQ/python/midas/", line 159, in __next__
    ev = self.read_next_event()
  File "/home/cygno/DAQ/python/midas/", line 264, in read_next_event
    return self.read_this_event_body()
  File "/home/cygno/DAQ/python/midas/", line 307, in read_this_event_body
    self.event.unpack_body(body_data, 0, self.use_numpy)
  File "/home/cygno/DAQ/python/midas/", line 648, in unpack_body
    bank.fill_header_from_bytes(bank_header_data, self.is_bank_32(), self.is_bank_data_64bit_aligned())
  File "/home/cygno/DAQ/python/midas/", line 298, in fill_header_from_bytes = "".join(x.decode('ascii') for x in unpacked[:4])
  File "/home/cygno/DAQ/python/midas/", line 298, in <genexpr> = "".join(x.decode('ascii') for x in unpacked[:4])
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc8 in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)
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