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Message ID: 226     Entry time: 07 Oct 2005
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: MIDAS moved from CVS to Subversion 
Dear Midas users,

I have moved midas from CVS to Subversion today. There were many reasons for doing so, which I don't want to explain in detail here. To use the new repository, there a several things to note:

  • Anonymous checkout can be done now with
    svn co svn+ssh:// midas
    svn co svn+ssh:// mxml

    Use password svn (you might have to enter it several times). The mxml package is now outside from midas, so you have to check it out separately.
  • Non-anonymous access (for commits!) is only possible if you have an account at PSI. While it is possible via
    svn co svn+ssh://<your_name> midas
    it is more convenient if you access the repository via AFS, since then you only have to obtain a valid AFS token once a day and do not have to supply passwords on each SVN access
  • Before you do a checkout, delete (or rename) your old CVS working directory
  • Subversion does not use file revisions, but a global revision number for the whole repository, which is now at 2752. To get some idea about subversion, read this very good book
  • The Web access to the repository is at
  • The ViewCVS web interface allows on-the-fly generation of TAR balls from the current repository. Just click on the link Download tarball
  • The old CVS repository has been switched to read-only and will be completely closed in a few weeks
  • The machine will in the near future not be available any more for any repository
  • All the $Log: tags in the midas files have been replaced by $Id: tags, since the former ones are not supported by SVN (for good reasons actually). To view the change log, do a svn log <filename>.

For the windows users, I have some additional notes:

  • Do not use the Cygwin subversion package, but the binaries from here if you plan to access the SVN repository through AFS at PSI (or other places where AFS is available). If you map the AFS repository for example to "Y:", then the binaries access this under file:///Y:/svn/meg/... whicl the cygwin ones access this under file:///cygwin/y/svn/meg/... While this is ok in principle, it gives a conflict with the TortoiseSVN which expects the first path. So if you want to use command line utilities together with TortoiseSVN, the Cygwin package won't work.
  • Use the TortoiseSVN package. It's really great! It has a very nice "diff" viewer/merger, it's integrated into the Windows explorer, has a spell checker for composing comments for commits, etc.
  • For the SVN binaries under Windows, you have to set the environment variable LANG=en_US, otherwise svn will talk in German to you on a standard PSI Windows PC.

If there are any problems in accessing the new repository, please let me know.

Note: This elog entry has been updated since the original one did have a wrong username in the SVN URL.
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