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Entry  30 Sep 2021, Francesco Renga, Forum, OPC client within MIDAS 
    Reply  10 Feb 2022, Francesco Renga, Forum, OPC client within MIDAS opc.cxxopc.h
Message ID: 2282     Entry time: 30 Sep 2021     Reply to this: 2334
Author: Francesco Renga 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: OPC client within MIDAS 
Dear all,
     I need to integrate in my MIDAS project the communication with an OPC UA 
server. My plan is to develop an OPC UA client as a "device" in 

Two questions:

1) Is anybody aware of some similar effort for some other project, so that I can 
get some example?

2) What could be the more appropriate driver's class to be used? generic.cxx? 

Thank you for your help,
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