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Entry  29 Oct 2021, Kushal Kapoor, Bug Report, Unknown Error 319 from client Screenshot_2021-10-26_114015.png
    Reply  26 Jan 2022, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, Unknown Error 319 from client 
Message ID: 2298     Entry time: 29 Oct 2021     Reply to this: 2323
Author: Kushal Kapoor 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Unknown Error 319 from client 
I’m trying to run MIDAS using a frontend code/client named “fetiglab”. Run stops 
after 2/3sec with an error saying “Unknown error 319 from client “fetiglab” on 

Frontend code compiled without any errors and MIDAS reads the frontend 
successfully, this only comes when I start the new run on MIDAS, here are a few 
more details from the terminal-

11:46:32 [fetiglab,ERROR] [odb.cxx:11268:db_get_record,ERROR] struct size 
mismatch for "/" (expected size: 1, size in ODB: 41920)

11:46:32 [Logger,INFO] Deleting previous file 

11:46:32 [ODBEdit,ERROR] [midas.cxx:5073:cm_transition,ERROR] transition START 
aborted: client "fetiglab" returned status 319

11:46:32 [ODBEdit,ERROR] [midas.cxx:5246:cm_transition,ERROR] Could not start a 
run: cm_transition() status 319, message 'Unknown error 319 from client 
'fetiglab' on host "localhost"'

TR_STARTABORT transition: cleanup after failure to start a run


I’ve also enclosed a screenshot for the same, any suggestions would be highly 
appreciated. thanks
Attachment 1: Screenshot_2021-10-26_114015.png  95 kB  Uploaded 29 Oct 2021  | Hide | Hide all
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