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Entry  09 Nov 2021, Hunter Lowe, Forum, MityCAMAC Login  
    Reply  11 Nov 2021, Thomas Lindner, Forum, MityCAMAC Login  
       Reply  26 Jan 2022, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, MityCAMAC Login  
Message ID: 2302     Entry time: 11 Nov 2021     In reply to: 2300     Reply to this: 2316
Author: Thomas Lindner 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: MityCAMAC Login  
Hi Hunter 

This sounds like a Triumf specific problem; 
not a MIDAS problem.  Please email me directly 
and we can try to solve this problem.

Thomas Lindner

 Hello all,
> I've recently acquired a MityCAMAC system 
that was built at TRIUMF and I'm 
> having issues accessing it over ethernet.
> The system: Ubuntu VM inside Windows 10 
> I've tried reconfiguring the network 
settings for the VM but nmap and arp/ip 
> commands have yielded me no results in 
finding the crate controller. 
> I was getting help from Pierre Amaudruz but 
I think he is now busy for some 
> time. I have the mac address of the crate 
controller and its name. The 
> controller seems to initialize fine inside 
of the CAMAC crate. The windows side 
> of the workstation also tells me that an 
unknown network is in fact connected.
> I suspect I either need to do something with 
an ssh key (which I thought we 
> accomplished but maybe not), or perhaps the 
domain name in the controller needs 
> to be changed. 
> If anybody has experience working with 
MityARM I would appreciate any advice I 
> could get.
> Best,
> Hunter Lowe
> UNBC Graduate Physics
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