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Entry  01 Dec 2021, Lars Martin, Bug Report, Off-by-one in sequencer documentation 
    Reply  02 Dec 2021, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, Off-by-one in sequencer documentation 
Message ID: 2305     Entry time: 02 Dec 2021     In reply to: 2304
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Off-by-one in sequencer documentation 
> The documentation for the sequencer loop says:
> <quote>
> LOOP [name ,] n ... ENDLOOP	To execute a loop n times. For infinite loops, "infinite" 
> can be specified as n. Optionally, the loop variable running from 0...(n-1) can be accessed 
> inside the loop via $name.
> </quote>
> In fact the loop variable runs from 1...n, as can be seen by running this exciting 
> sequencer code:
> 1 COMMENT "Figuring out MSL"
> 2 
> 3 LOOP n,4
> 4   MESSAGE $n,1

Indeed you're right. The loop variable runs from 1...n. I fixed that in the documentation.

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