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Entry  26 Jan 2022, Frederik Wauters, Forum, .gz files 
    Reply  26 Jan 2022, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, .gz files 
       Reply  31 Jan 2022, Frederik Wauters, Forum, .gz files 
Message ID: 2310     Entry time: 26 Jan 2022     Reply to this: 2311
Author: Frederik Wauters 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: .gz files 
I adapted our analyzer to compile against the manalyzer included in the midas repo.

All our data files are .mid.gz, which now fail to process :(

frederik@frederik-ThinkPad-T550:~/new_daq/build/analyzer$ ./analyzer -e100 -s100 ../../run_backup_11783.mid.gz 
Registered modules: 1
file[0]: ../../run_backup_11783.mid.gz
Setting up the analysis!
TMReadEvent: error: short read 0 instead of -1193512213

Which is in the TMEvent* TMReadEvent(TMReaderInterface* reader) class in the midasio.cxx file

Reading the unzipped files works. But we have always processed our .gz files directly, for the unzipping we would need ~2x disk space.

Am I doing something wrong? I see that there is some activity on lz4 in the midasio repo, is gunzip next?
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