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Entry  22 Oct 2021, Francesco Renga, Forum, mhttpd error 
    Reply  22 Oct 2021, Stefan Ritt, Forum, mhttpd error 
       Reply  25 Oct 2021, Francesco Renga, Forum, mhttpd error 
       Reply  26 Jan 2022, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, mhttpd error 
Message ID: 2324     Entry time: 26 Jan 2022     In reply to: 2292
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: mhttpd error 
> > Enable IPv6                     y
> Probably the IPv6 problem, see here elog:2269
> I asked to turn off IPv6 by default, or at least mention this in the documentation,
> but unfortunately nothing happened.

But IPv4 and IPv6 code is completely separate, if IPv6 bind fails, IPv4 should still 

This is all very strange.

It does not help that the OP does not say in which way things do not work,
"the server is not accessible from other machines" is not an error message
reported by any browser, and we do not know what URL he is using
to access mhttpd - http: or https:

Also he is enabling the "insecure" port 8081, I am pretty sure the documentation
is pretty clear, either use the secure https port or the insecure port,
but not both at the same time.

In any case, I see current version of mongoose have removed support
for password files, so all this stuff will likely become reworked
and at the end mhttpd will only listen to localhost ports. To make it "accessible
to other machines", one will have to use the apache https proxy. (or mtpcproxy from 

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