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Message ID: 2327     Entry time: 29 Jan 2022
Author: Isaac Labrie Boulay 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: MIDAS and GRIF-16 digitizer (Standalone Mode). 
Hi all,

I was sent a version of the frontend for the TIGRESS Detector lab setup so that 
I can test detectors using a GRIF-16 digitizer in standalone mode.

I followed the GRIF-16 wiki (
level_operation) to setup the GRIF-16 through the webpage. The digitized data is 
supposed to come into my UDP port 8800 but it is never retrieved in the 

Here's the readout scheme:
// readout sequence ...
// poll_event() true (if still have data in buffer or testmsg() true)
// -> read_trigger_event() -> read_grifc_event() - re-buffers into midas events
//                         -> grifc_eventread()  - returns single grif fragment
//                         -> grifc_dataread()   - returns single net-pkt 

Here's poll_event():
INT poll_event(INT source, INT count, BOOL test)
   int i, have_data=0;

   for(i=0; i<count; i++){
      if( data_available ){ break; }
      have_data = ( testmsg(data_socket, 0) > 0 );
      if( have_data && !test ){ break; }
   return( (have_data || data_available) && !test );

This being said, testmsg() always returns empty and "data_available" is only set 
to TRUE when there's leftover data after a GRIF-C reading (I'm obviously not 
using a GRIF-C).

I know that when GRIF-16 is in standalone mode, MIDAS does not change GRIF-16s 
settings based on the ODB, it has to be done through the GRIF-16 webpage. Is the 
user frontend code even responsible for the GRIF-16 data readout in standalone 
mode? If not, could it just be that my UDP offloader is incorrectly setup?

Here are its current settings:

- Offloader: ON
- Dst IP: my IP
- Dst Port: 8800 (DATA_PORT)

- MIDAS Hostname: my hostname
- MIDAS IP: same as Dst IP from UDP settings
- Dst Port: 8080 (I'm assuming that this is the mhttpd port)

Again, the frontend runs but I get 0 events. What might I be missing?

Thanks for helping me out!

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