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Entry  02 Nov 2005, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, Where to put drivers? 
    Reply  06 Nov 2005, Pierre-Andre Amaudruz, Suggestion, Where to put drivers? 
       Reply  06 Nov 2005, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, Where to put drivers? 
Message ID: 234     Entry time: 06 Nov 2005     In reply to: 233
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: Where to put drivers? 

Stefan Ritt wrote:
We have both the example experiment and the MSCB Makefile which both expect to find the midas drivers under $MIDASSYS/drivers/camac or $MIDASSYS/drivers/usb. The documentation does not explicitely mention to define MIDASSYS as /usr/local, but some people do it. That however requires to put all drivers then under /usr/local/drivers, which is not the case in the current Makefile for midas. Do you think that we should add this? Or should we better ask (->documentation) people to define MIDASSYS to wherever they install the midas package (usually /usr/home/<name>/midas or so)?

Pierre-André Amaudruz wrote:

The purpose of the MIDASSYS introduction was to permit the placement of the package in the user area as well as publishing the Midas entry point. Doing so, we lessen the necessity to "install" Midas in the standard OS directory such as /opt or /usr/local. Static linking, use of rpath, new "make minimal_install" go in that direction.
Regarding the drivers, organizing the directories per hardware type (camac, vme, fastbus, usb, etc) seems better to me. Originally, we mostly dealt with CAMAC and therefore the diverse Makefile had a default reference to /drivers/bus/(camacrpc). Now that we removed cnaf/rpc from the automatic mfe build, it indicates that CAMAC is no longer the prime hardware. Then we should leave open to the user the selection of the hardware and document the necessity for him/her to adjust the build appropriately ( $MIDASSYS/drivers/<HW_type> ). The different Makefile examples should be adjusted to the proper driver location they're dealing with.

I agree with what you say. So I will include the drivers in the ("full") install to be copied under /usr/local/drivers, just for the people using midas in an "installed" way, but we keep the possibility to use a minimal_install to skip the driver installation.
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