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Message ID: 2348     Entry time: 23 Feb 2022
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Midas slow control event generation switched to 32-bit banks 
The midas slow control system class drivers automatically read their equipment and generate events containing midas banks. So far these have been 16-bit banks using bk_init(). But now more and more experiments use large amount of channels, so the 16-bit address space is exceeded. Until last week, there was even no check that this happens, leading to unpredictable crashes.

Therefore I switched the bank generation in the drivers generic.cxx, hv.cxx and multi.cxx to 32-bit banks via bk_init32(). This should be in principle transparent, since the midas bank functions automatically detect the bank type during reading. But I thought I let everybody know just in case.

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