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Message ID: 2350     Entry time: 03 Mar 2022
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: zlib required, lz4 internal 
as of commit 8eb18e4ae9c57a8a802219b90d4dc218eb8fdefb, the gzip compression
library is required, not optional.

this fixes midas and manalyzer mis-build if the system gzip library
is accidentally not installed. (is there any situation where
gzip library is not installed on purpose?)

midas internal lz4 compression library was renamed to mlz4 to avoid collision
against system lz4 library (where present). lz4 files from midasio are now
used, lz4 files in midas/include and midas/src are removed.

I see that on recent versions of ubuntu we could switch to the system version 
of the lz4 library. however, on centos-7 systems it is usually not present
and it still is a supported and widely used platform, so we stay
with the midas-internal library for now.

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