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Message ID: 2376     Entry time: 29 Mar 2022
Author: Hunter Lowe 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Triggering without LAM signal - mcstd_libgpmc_camac driver 

I have a question for anyone experienced with simple CAMAC systems.
 My understanding is that for a single ADC system you can use a gate to generate a
 LAM signal for triggering on ADC.
 The driver that I have "mcstd_libgpmc_camac" has LAM "not implemented" though,
 so I'm not sure how I should trigger DAQ. The frontend code that I have seems to use a TDC
 as trigger for ADC via "EQ_POLLED" type equipment setting. Should I simply plug in TDC in my
 system and use this as trigger? Is it as simple as TDC generates signal via gate and ADC performs job? 

Sorry if question is super basic, just confused how to trigger without LAM signal.

Thank you :)

Hunter Lowe
UNBC Grad Physics
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