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Message ID: 2379     Entry time: 31 Mar 2022
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: "run stop" trouble in mlogger, fixed 
while debugging something else, I ran into a bit of trouble in mlogger.

I set the mlogger event limit to 100, and after reaching 100 events, mlogger
sayd "stopping run", but nothing happened, run kept going.

it turns out mlogger tried stopping the run too soon, the run-start
transition did not finish yet and the error message about trying
to stop a run while another transition is in progress was missing.

(fixed - if another transition is in progress, we try again later)

it also turns out that cm_transition() checks if another transition
is in progress way too late, all the way in the transition thread,
where it cannot return it is an error to mlogger.

(fixed - first thing done in cm_transition() is this check).

while debugging this, I tested the ODB flags "/Logger/Async transitions"
and /Logger/Multithread transitions". It turns out only two transition
types still work from inside mlogger - multithread transition
and detached transition (via the mtransition helper).

the issue is the dead lock between mlogger and frontend. while mlogger
is inside cm_transition(), it is not reading the SYSTEM buffer,
while at the same time frontends are writing into it. If SYSTEM
buffer happens to be pretty full, we dead lock - frontends are waiting
for free space in the SYSTEM buffer do not respond to RPCs, mlogger is not 
reading from the SYSTEM and it stuck trying to issue "run stop" RPC
to frontend. (this dead lock is not forever, eventually frontend
is killed by RPC timeout, mlogger survives and stops the run).

this is a well known problem and as solution, mlogger has been using the 
multithreaded transitions for years.

now I removed the OBD /Logger/Async transition and /Logger/Multithread 
transition flags, instead, there is now a flag /Logger/Detached transitions
set to FALSE by default. Setting it to TRUE will cause mlogger to fork 
"mtransition STOP" and "mtransition START" for stopping and starting runs,
this is useful in case there is trouble with multithreading in mlogger.

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