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Message ID: 2396     Entry time: 04 May 2022
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: mysql history update 
the code for writing midas history to mysql has been updated to work against 
MYSQL 8.0.23 (CERN ALPHA-2):

- as ever mysql reports inconsistent data types (I create column with type 
"integer", mysql reports it has type "int" and so forth), the special kludge to 
take care of this had to be tweaked.

- this caused some columns to be marked "inactive" and the code to "reactivate" 
them was missing (fixed)

- binary history event data size was computed incorrectly for events with 
"inactive" columns (fixed) and caused assert() failure and mlogger crash.

- mysql read of column definitions for history event "system" (as in 
/history/links/system) bombed because of incorrect quoting (worked before, why? 
why bombed now?). this caused duplicate columns to be created in mysql table 
"system" and mlogger bomb-out with complaint about "duplicated columns" 
(actually the error message was missing, so it was a silent bomb-out). quoting 
fixed, missing error message fixed, but cleanup of duplicate columns has to be 
done by hand. in case of alpha-2 the fix was to remove the unused 

if you are using mysql history please update or patch src/history_schema.cxx.

commit 9d17d2fef233cf457121ca7c2a283c4c76ed33bc

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