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Message ID: 2397     Entry time: 06 May 2022
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Increased timeout for program shut down 
We had the problem in our lab that a frontend took about 6 seconds to gracefully 
shut down, mainly it needed to park some motors. I found that the shutdown command 
had a hard-coded timeout of 5 seconds, after which the frontend gets killed, and 
cannot finish the park operation. I change the code so that the client timeout 
stored in the ODB is taken instead of the hard-coded 5 seconds. This allows each 
client to fine-tune its timeout, to allow graceful shutdown, but also not let the 
user wait too long if the client gets stuck and needs a hard kill.

The default timeout for mfe.cxx based frontends has been changed to 10 seconds 
now, but in the frontend_init function this can be changed by the user code 

I hope this char does not trigger any bad side effects, but if it does, please 
report here.

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