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Entry  22 Dec 2005, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, midas max event size? 
    Reply  23 Dec 2005, Stefan Ritt, Info, midas max event size? 
Message ID: 240     Entry time: 23 Dec 2005     In reply to: 238
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: midas max event size? 
> My TPC events are fairly large: 18 FEC cards * 128 channels per card * 2 Kbytes
> per channel = about 4 Mbytes. In my
> frontend, when I request this event size, MIDAS complaints (in mfe.c) that it is
> bigger than MAX_EVENT_SIZE, which
> is set to 0.5 Mbytes in midas.h. What is the best way to deal with this? Should
> we increase MAX_EVENT_SIZE to
> something bigger? Remove the MAX_EVENT_SIZE limitation altogether?

If you teach me how to remove the MAX_EVENT_SIZE, that would be perfect!

Unfortunately the limit comes from the shared memory on the back end (the so-called
"SYSTEM" shared memory). Due to the structure of the buffer manager, the shared
memory has to hold at least two events simultaneously. And once the shared memeory
is created, it's size cannot be changed without restarting all the clients. That's
the origin of the MAX_EVENT_SIZE. In former days, the total allowed shared memory on
a typical linux machine was 2MB. That's why I set MAX_EVENT_SIZE to 0.5 MB, so midas
takes 2*0.5MB=1MB plus 0.2MB for the ODB, leaving 0.8MB for other applications.
Nowadays, the shared memory might be bigger (actually it's a parameter during kernel
compilation), so one could consider increasing the default MAX_EVENT_SIZE. If you
make a survey of the shared memory sizes in some of the current distributions, we
can choose a safe value.

> For now, I increased the value MAX_EVENT_SIZE & co to (10*1024*1024) and it
> seems to work (I also had to bump the
> sanity check in bm_open_buffer() from 10E6 to 100E6). With 1/4 of the FEC cards,
> the event size is 1 Mbyte at ~6
> ev/sec the machine is almost idle, with the biggest CPU user being the event
> builder at 10% CPU utilization.

I made sure that there is no other limitation as the one given by MAX_EVENT_SIZE, so
it should work fine. Thanks for telling me the wrong sanity check, that should be
changed in the repository.
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