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Message ID: 2412     Entry time: 20 Jun 2022
Author: jianrun 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Error in "midas/src/mana.cxx" 
Dear Midas developers,

When we are running the examples in $MIDASSYS/examples/experiment/, we meet some 
problems when analyzing the results:
1. When we analyze the data using the analyzer: ./analyzer -i run00001.mid -o 
run00001.rz  , we find some bugs: 
Root server listening on port 9090...
Running analyzer offline. Stop with "!"
[Analyzer,ERROR] [mana.cxx:1832:bor,ERROR] HBOOK support is not compiled in
[Analyzer,INFO] Set run number 6 in ODB
Load ODB from run 6...OK
run00006.mid:2680  events, 0.00s
We think this occurs in the "midas/src/mana.cxx ". How can we solve this?

2. When we analyze the above data, an error also occurs: 
[Analyzer,ERROR] [odb.cxx:847:db_validate_name,ERROR] Invalid name 
"/Analyzer/Tests/Always true/Rate [Hz]" passed to db_create_key_wlocked: should 
not contain "["

We simply fixed that just by replacing the "Rate [Hz]" with "Rate" in the 
test_write in midas/src/mana.cxx 
We are curious whether you can fix the problem permanently in the next version, 
or we are not running the code properly. Thanks!
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